Sunday, February 01, 2009

R.I.P. Celestia Valverde

Well my great aunt died this morning.

I've been taking her to dialysis three days a week for about 5 years. She was a mean old broad, been an evil person all her life. As a little girl she used to hide food from her younger sisters. She disowned her only son, and she constantly accused us of robbing her.

And as mean of a bitch as she was, she was still family, and we looked out for her, cause that's what families do. And now she's no longer in pain. At the very least she's got peace, finally, in her life.

Last thing she said to me was when I offered to buy her some food (she wouldn't pay for her own food) yesterday, to which she replied, "Fine, but don't buy me anything disgusting."

lol R.I.P. you mean ol' broad. I'll miss ya.