Friday, November 01, 2013

So I'm traveling in a fried-combie...

I was watching TV today, Community was on Comedy Central, and at 12:36pm, I got this message.

Mr Alvarenga

I am pleased to inform you that your application for a Migration visa to Australia was finalised today.

I had to reread it again, I had to make sure that it meant what it was trying to say.

Six years ago, I asked Ruth to marry me.

In three weeks, I'll be with her forever.

We overcame ocean, time, internet, continental drift, a government shutdown, lack of me having any income, and phone bills (I have paid $150 minimum a month to call her, sh, don't tell her).

We had worse odds than these two.

There's this saying in Spanish, "Amor de lejos, felices los cuatro". Which translates to, "With long distance love, the four are happy".  Meaning that when a couple are apart, they are both happy with the folks they're cheating on.

I fucking hate that saying.

Truth is, nothing worth it is ever easy.  WE WERE ON THE OTHER SIDES OF THE FREAKING PLANET! You couldn't get any further until you started getting closer.

I say to anyone in a relationship this tough. Ask yourself if it's worth it, if it is? Don't let anything or anyone stop you from the person you love.

I have twenty-five days left in San Francisco, I counted down day one by going to a taco truck I really liked (you can't get a good taco in Australia unless I make it). It was a damn good taco. Gonna miss this town that I have spent the last thirty-seven years in, and I'm going to make sure I savor every last moment (I should probably head to Alcatraz, finally).

In the meantime, I'm going to get on Grand Theft Auto V and start practicing driving on the wrong side of the road, and I'll have this on repeat on the radio.