Thursday, September 27, 2007

Behind Green Eyes...

Pete Townshend did his version. This is mine.

Behind Green Eyes
It was the light that fooled them all, and you,
A reflection at the right angle, it wasn't true.
Or it was at that moment, so it may seem,
But rarely is it there; the joy in that gleam.
An ocean lies behind these eyes,
One that I'm afraid will never run dry.
The beauty of the world passes through these emerald lenses,
The images can distort and overwhelm my senses.
I try and strain to see the love of this life,
But the pain and sorrow create so much strife.
I close my eyes but the memory stays,
Linger no longer, let the hells be away.
And then, when the world I do not want to brave,
When I can no longer take the barrage of each wave.
The floodgates burst open and wide,
And the tears flow free behind green eyes.
To my relief, they wash away the prism,
That has kept me only seeing through the bars of this prison.
And when empty and clear I can finally see,
The love that I have searched, right before me.
Skewed was my vision, I was blind,
How did I miss this world sublime?
And from my eyes, something other than tears flow through,
The beautiful thing that has led me to you.
And I thank you for letting me see clear,
For behind these eyes, there are no more tears.
The joy has been there, though I thought it as lies,
And now I see love true, reflected in your eyes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

Take them.

Lemons are getting expensive today.

I was in the car today, I had my cousin in the passenger seat, and we were coming down the hill, and then up hers to get to her house. As we started up the very steep, San Francisco hill, there's a van pulling out, it's taking its very sweet time. If I go up and over this hill, this girl is dropped off, and then I can go on to do my own thing. I contemplate waiting. But seeing as I want to drop the kid off, I opt to back down and take another street. I go down that hill, and then up another. That hill is blocked by a bulldozer. I laugh, and one of the construction guys comes up to me, and says, it'll be a while.

I back down and go up and I pass by the original hill, the van is gone, but there's another car there, and it seems like it might be leaving.

I drive by, and take the long way around. I smile at my cousin and say to her, "You know, both times we tried to get there fast, and it seems life wasn't down for that. So I'll take the long way, which, if I would have done in the first place, we would already have been there by now."

So I leave you with this. If life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. But before you do, take a moment with that lemon. It may not be the sweetest citric fruit in the family. But I bet there's a lot more you can do with it other than make lemonade. Just take a step back from the juicer.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Super Hero Comic Book Draft. Yeah, I said it.

So over at, we've got a little comic thread going. And we're doing a Super Hero Draft. This is the cover I made for my team, and my 5 picks. I'm writing up a story for them, so if you're at all interested (and if you've come to this site, you're more than likely looking for porn and are quite disappointed), I'll be putting it up here this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the pic.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Your Kung-Fu is Strong...

Who doesn't have a dark side to them? When you really dig down, when you go to the scary places of your soul, and touch the strings that tie you to the hells you've created. How dark does it resonate?

I bet you it's dark. I bet you think it's the darkest thing ever, darker than anyone else's. I bet you could kill. I bet you could maim, rape, destroy any and every thing that stands in your way. I bet you it's so scary that you get a shiver to think what you are actually capable of doing.

How about your light side? Not as sexy? How far could you go to love and be loved in return? I bet you it's not as bright as your dark side's dark.

It's a lot easier to think of the things we'd never do, than it is to do the good that we believe we're capable of.

What's that say about us?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There's a snake in my boot...

Last couple days, I've been out of it. Out of my head and senses. I can't imagine being on drugs. My mind's such an insane place as it is, I can't imagine drugs having an effect on me.

I let a mosquito bite me three times last night. Then I killed it. I don't know if that was cruel or not. But she ain't biting me anymore.

I just learned several months ago what a QWERTY keyboard is. You'd think they'd call it something else, that's really on the nose.

My hands move in slow motion, but they're going faster than I can see.

Nap time now... Later...

Monday, September 03, 2007

31, Day One...

So... First day.

A kick in the crotch. Life's funny that way. Let's see what tomorrow brings.