Friday, April 16, 2010

Let me count the ways... On one hand.

She sits next to me. Typing away on her computer as she watches Lost on my request (she's hooked now).

She grabs my leg, telling me in no words at all, "Stop fidgeting your leg or I'll chop it off, drive into the Outback and force feed it down a dingo's throat!"

Then she flashes a look at me, the, "I'm not kidding." look.

And whether she notices it or not, there's a smile with that look. The "I love you, even if your fidgety leg makes me seasick" smile.

She asks me all the time, "Why do you love me?"

I give her the same answer every time. An answer she's never happy with.

It's not that it's not a good answer. It's just that it's an answer she doesn't understand.

So she asks for more reasons. And I offer them, a list as it were of all the things that I love about her.

And like Shakespeare, I can count the ways.

But unlike Shakespeare. I don't like to. Cause I have the perfect reason why I love this woman with every fibre of my being.

I love her cause of her. And all the little things that encompasses her. More things that I could ever say in a lifetime, but all things I could love in this one.

Don't tell her, though.

Cause she'll ask for another reason shortly after.

Friday, April 02, 2010

All Kangaroos Are Left Handed...

You know why they call this place "The Land Down Unda"?

Because there's a catchy song that uses the phrase in its title, and most people aren't very creative to think up a new name for this amazingly gorgeous place.

I'm opting to call it "The Place That Gets Totally Hosed When It Comes To Buying Anything That Requires A Memory Card Or That Doesn't Run On Vegemite."

Colin Hay is working on the song.

Canberra is in a valley, surrounded by mountains. As a coastal boy, it's a bit disorientating when I try to find my bearings. At least twice I had to remind myself that because I'm so far South, that doesn't mean the sun is looking down on me, judging me, calling me funny names.

I keep trying to remind myself that I have to take notice when I flush the toilet that the water goes the other way. But surprisingly, I don't care to watch. Go figure, I'm a big boy now.

No, rather than constantly taking note of all the comic stereotypes of Australia (and trust me, they do live up to each and everyone), this gorgeous slice of Outback has opened my eyes to a lovely country, with a beautiful topography, excellent food (sans anything Mexican), and laid back demeanor that gives Northern Cali a run for it's docile state.

All this and I have a beautiful woman at my side at all times.

I'd say I've died and I've gone to heaven.

But that can't be right, as I went in the wrong direction.

So I gotta go with Debbie Gibson on this one. Heaven is a place on Earth.

Hey Colin! I think I got a new song title, Debbie gonna sue us though.