Wednesday, November 04, 2009

133 Days, and counting...

There are days people have in their lives, that seem like the slate has gone clean. That their life is ready to restart no matter where they are in their current situation.

I've felt like that on few occasions. In 1997, I switched my major in college from Fine Arts, to Films. It felt like I began a new avenue in my life, and even though I invested time and effort in my previous endeavor, I knew that that choice was the right one for me.

Years later, I look back on that decision and see how right I was.

Two and a half years ago, I fell in love with a woman. She quickly became my world and every day since has been my love.

We had every advantage that two people in love have and neglect. I made my damnedest effort to never take for granted what we have. We're blessed with all this, and are half a world apart.

That is until 12 days ago. When the love of my life, was in my arms. And two and a half years of being apart disappeared, and a new day started.

Going into how amazing everything has been would seem like the standard fanfare for any couple.

Yes, everything was awesome, yes we gave each other long-loving looks. We went places, we did things, and above all we were together.

But not one thing felt new. I felt like I've been doing this with my girl since the day I met her. And I realized, it's true.

I'm on the phone/comp/vid with her like 5-8 hours a day. I talk to her throughout the entire day, wherever she goes, I hear about it, and I feel like I'm there. Wherever I go, likewise.

I have loved my girl, more and more, each and every day. And 12 days ago, I continued to love her more and more.

Only now, it feels like the sun shines on something new. It's not our love, cause our love is the same; stronger, if anything, but the same passion. The thing that's new seems to be something that I felt on the last day she was here.

We were in tears. The both of us throughout the day. If I looked at her a certain way, she would tear up. If I looked at the side of the bed she was laying on, I would tear up.

Almost 3 years of loving this woman, and the thing that I'm finding joy and sadness in is how much I miss her.

I now miss doing things with her. The mundane, the special event, the just sitting around.

I miss my girl, with all my heart. And I'm filled with such joy that I could miss someone so much.

My new day has begun. And it starts with me not wanting to ever be apart from my girl ever again.

In 133 days, her and I get that much closer to making it a fact.