Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comic geekdom, per the usual...

It's Comic draft time over at Kevin Smith's message board, and of course, instead of working, I write up a story for my draft picks.  Enjoy...

Shot Thru.pdf

Monday, May 04, 2009

Twitter, and why it's my girlfriend's fault.

So I just joined twitter.  Something I was never gonna do.  I didn't see the need for those to know about everything I do every minute.  I had a blog, that I update (on the odd occasion, granted), and I figure if folks wanna know what I'm doing, then they can just call me.

But my girl changed that.  See, she usually posts on the regular on a message board that we both frequent.

But as of late, she hasn't.  Mainly because when she's at work it's easier for her to twitter on her phone than it is for her to post on that board.  Today, I checked out her twitter, and realized how much I miss seeing her posts.

So I joined.  I'm *shrugs* twittering.  I may find this enjoyable.  I may not.  But I do it, cause I love my girl.

So you wanna follow my tweets?  They're probably game/movie/look pretty tree related.

If that's your thing, I feel for you.  And enjoy.