Monday, December 31, 2007

I make no promise...

Before sunset on the eve of Yom Kippur the following words are repeated.

All personal vows we are likely to make, all personal oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our personal vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.
The readiness into how people make promises and the ease that it has become to break them has truly tarnished the luster of what it is to promise something to someone.

So on this New Year's Eve, I make no promise or pledge. My words will stand as they are. No greater or worse. May I live up to them.

Have a good one folks.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Three Jews, A Priest, A Muslim, and a Latin Guy...

I got up today, and I went back to the past. I grabbed Jesus of Nazareth, Nicholas of Myra, Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allāh, Abraham, and Moses. I gave them all pills so that they could talk and understand each other, and they introduced themselves. After introductions were made, Nicholas begins to praise Jesus, while Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad began to praise Abraham, while Abraham stood their a bit confused.

After the novelties wore off, they asked who I was, I told them I was the one who brought them all there. When they asked why, I told them what each was responsible for.

They were taken aback, with Abraham being the only one to say, "I was just doing what God told me to."

As much as they were saddened by the fallout of their deeds, there begins talk of changing their methods, creating clear outlines that could not be misconstrued, that there be 'no factions' in the faiths.

I calmed them down, and said it wouldn't matter. Said that people are gonna believe and interpret it no matter what they said or did.

They asked again what the point was for me to bring them all their, and I told them how important the December month became to all the faiths, fictional or not. They all began to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday, but Jesus tried to tell them that it wasn't for several months, but a good chuckle was had by all.

I told them, that I brought them there to ask them one question, piousness aside, if they could. What is the one thing they'd like to convey to all of you, as one human being to another. It didn't take them long to respond.

Afterwards, we watched Tron, The Incredibles, while Muhammad read The Watchmen, and Nicholas and I played some Halo.

Subsequently, I accidentally made additions to History that I have to share with you. Because of Tron, Moses said he followed a column of fire in the desert, because of The Incredibles, Jesus walked on water, because Muhammad loved The Watchmen comic especially the Walter Kovacs character, he thought it'd be funny if he didn't show his face in any pics of himself. Because of Halo, Nicholas began to tell tales of his flying sled. And Abraham, well, he gave James Hetfield a run for his money when he belted out Enter Sandman on Rock Band.

All in all, they had a great time. And here unto you good people, I relay the message they unanimously came to terms to say.

"The world may seem a cynical, horrible, and at times ultimately miserable place. But it isn't. There's love in each one of you, all you have to do is look. We know that old voices from your past may sound like just regurgitated anecdotes, but please, believe us, we meant nothing but good for our fellow man. And seeing how much of an impact we have made, both bad and good, we ask that you do not forget the basest of messages that we have tried to convey.

You are loved. Take care of each other, for you are all that you have."

Happy Holidays, guys.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's a little Christmas spirit for Mars' Spirit.

Two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, landed on Mars in January 2003, and have been operating more than 15 times longer than originally planned.

What we've learned from these little guys about Mars has been indispensable. Now, the rover Spirit is battling time to get itself in position to survive the Martian winter.

Spirit has about two weeks left to reach a sun-facing slope on the northern edge of a plateau known as Home Plate in Gusev Crater. So much dust blankets its solar panels however, that the rover needs to spend a day charging its batteries just to crawl for an hour, project manager John Callas said during a briefing at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco this week.

Global dust storms swept over the planet for two months earlier this year, blotting out 99.5 percent of the direct sunlight. The rovers survived the storms, but Spirit is so coated with debris that its solar power panels are operating at 42 percent of their original capacity.

"It's almost camouflaged. There's so much dust on the arrays," Callas said.

Even if Spirit reaches its winter resting spot, surviving its third Martian winter will be tough, Callas said. Engineers estimate Spirit's power levels will be reduced to 30 percent -- about what is needed just to keep its equipment from freezing.

Spirit had 50 percent power during the last winter and 70 percent during its first winter on Mars.

No matter what Spirit's fate may be, there is no doubt, that when we finally get Man to Mars, the little guy will be dusted off, and will get its ride back home.

Hang tough bud.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There she grows!!!

I'd like to share something with the very few who read this.

This is an image that researchers used multibeam sonar to compile a topographic map of a portion of the East Pacific Rise where undersea volcanic eruptions were caught on camera. The black line shows the extent of the eruption. The new lava flow stretched more than 11 miles long and up to 2 miles wide. At the northern end of the eruption, lava poured from a fissure 2,000 feet away from the ridge crest, a process that has been thought to occur, but never observed.

What's it mean? Well, look at it. The red part is the lava that has come up to the surface and solidified through the spread. It's new land. Take notice on either side of the line. Looks like ridges no? That's where the lava has come up before and solidified every time the Earth spreads open.

But wait! Why isn't one part going up, and the other going down, as science has said to us for far too long now? Where's the evidence of bumping continents? Cause continents don't bump together!

Earth grows folks. What you see in that pic, is new skin. The world grows like you grow and I grow. This is proof.

Yet you won't hear any scientist tell you this. Why? Cause it would mean all science would have to change.

But take it in. They're telling you that they are now seeing it for the first time with their own eyes. And now, so can you.