Friday, March 23, 2012

The #VA4Life Rules.

The ViewAskew Message Board is where the fans of @ThatKevinSmith congregated and enjoyed all things Kevin and each other. Here be the place where they play music. But all are welcome.

Rules are simple. One and done. Play one song and then drop, you can come up again if no one goes up in 30 seconds.

No AFK DJing, you will be escorted.

All DJs must Awesome on the decks. Crowd, at their discretion. If the crowd turns on your song, be decent about it and skip, there are only so many times that Rick Astley can be heard in a day.

Be kind. No drama, no bullshit. You will be booted for trolling.

All VA members will be Mods in this room. What they say goes. If you can prove you're a VAer to a mod, you will be made mod by them.

Spin what you like, if there's a theme, go with it if you like. Overall have fun, and #VA4Life!