Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anonymously yours,

So there's a guy who posts on my blog and my girl's blog (by the way if you don't follow her blog you should, it rules the school), who for lack of a more apt description, posts like your typical troll. He goes after myself and her because the kid (I use the term to describe his posting manner not his actual age) thinks he's either clever or is so alone he has nothing better to do; likely a combination of both. I usually dismiss his attempts at getting attention by laughing them off, or responding to him sardonically. Mainly it's just a one-off and then I move on, talking to him is like shooting a barrel in a barrel. But I've decided that I've given this poor guy more attention than he deserves, so with this final interaction with "Anonymous" I bid him adieu, but not without shining some light on his latest comment.
You guys both need to be on diets. Fat fucks. Leave the world something to eat!!
See if you can get your crazy OCD bitch of a girlfriend crying and screaming on the bathroom floor again lol.
Sounds like she needs the drugs. You need the diet.
Now go eat 20 tacos you fat mexican sack of shit lol
First, sir. I'm not Mexican. But considering you "lol" at your own comments, I assume it's just to make yourself laugh.

In fact, I think the whole reason why you post on our blogs is to make yourself laugh. Cause sadly, no one but you laughs at what you're posting. Do you think it gets to us? Like you have somehow affected our day and we're so distraught that we don't know what to do with ourselves? You must think so, considering you posted on Ruth's blog and told her she should "kill herself". I'm sure you lol'ed in your head. I'm sorry to disappoint you, sir. But you're nothing but a blog notice in our computers. You're read then quickly dismissed as the poor sap who can't seem to get over some made up delusion of hatred toward us. I truly feel for you, sir. And hope that you can grow out of this stage in your life and move on to something more constructive. In the meantime, however. No more anonymous posting.

Posting anonymously is a coward's tool. If you don't have the wherewithal to put your name on it, then your point, however trivial it may be, is made more-so by the fact that you're hiding behind anonymity. You're like the Call of Duty player who yells out "nAgger" on the mic knowing you can't get in trouble because you changed one letter in the word. Hell, you probably are that guy.

And this probably won't stop you from creating a fake account and posting from there. But if you have to go that far, you really gotta question why you're willing to go the extra mile to be a douche, and is it even worth it?

I hope you grow out of this stage, sir. I hope that life will find you better things to concentrate on than trolling a couple of people you don't know based on information you have skewed.

And I hope that someday, if ever our paths should cross, we'd share a handshake and a taco together. Cause life is nothing if not missed opportunities to be better. Also, tacos are good.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Coming up for air...

It's been a week since I have come back to Australia. And I swear, it has felt like only a day. This place has become like slipping on a warm blanket, more so, because the woman I love is here. It's been a year since I've held her in my arms, and being back in her embrace, it's like time slowed down when we were apart, then sped up the moment we were back together. We didn't miss a beat. People ask me how we can do a long distance relationship. It ain't easy, I tell them, but when it's something worth it, you'll hold your breath for as long as it takes, cause the moment you come up for air, it feels no different than the moment you held your breath a year ago. Now, if you'll
excuse me, I've got some breathing to do.

- This post took longer than usual because I douched it from my iPad.