Saturday, August 18, 2007

One really long day...

Did you know that there are fruit flies out there that only live 24 hours? It's true. From birth to death. They eat, sleep, mate, go through some fly adventure (not the slang 'fly' but no one's used that since the mid 90's), and then die.

Such an interesting concept of time these flies might have. Or they may just not pay any mind to the passage of time, or care of their own existence.

Sometimes, I can envy a fruit fly.

But it can only be that, cause I am aware of my own existence. However, the passage of time, seems like I can cheat on that one.

I had an amazing week. Chock it up to one really long fruit fly day.

For now, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, saw this...

at the cinema today, it reminded me of your blog.

Its cute.