Friday, March 07, 2008

Pen Mightier Than The Sword... Fear The PenSword!

This new year has been abuzz with the doings going on. It's been great so far, and the new script is coming along very nicely.

I've been doing a whole lot of reading lately, and not just comic books and literary work of yesteryear, but I've ventured into contemporary writers of today.

Now I've never been a fan of contemporary writers, specifically books of fiction. I just never really felt they've been able to grasp what classical writers were so adept at doing. Masters of the English language, as opposed to the pow, bam, and kablammos that most of these new guys tend to heavily rely on.

A snobbish point of view? Possibly. But I've asked people to show me evidence to the contrary. And so they have.

Recently read Stardust. Thought it was incredibly well written and a very interesting take on the typical fairy tale that we're used to. Personally I think the fact that Neil Gaiman is a comic book writer put him in a unique category, but it does indeed instill some piece of mind for me to think that the art isn't lost.

Of course, it's no Lord of The Rings. But then again, will anything ever be?

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