Sunday, June 07, 2009

My nephew, Julian.

You know what's great about being an uncle?  It's getting to be one to another kid.  I've got two nephews.  My brother could go his whole life giving me the coolest gadgets or doodads for my birthday/Christmas/Uncle's Day (there should be one), but nothing would ever compare to making me an uncle.

It's all the fun of being with a kid who's related to you but none of the responsibilities.

I hope to return the favor some day soon.


Anonymous said...

He's just beautiful, and he and his brother are both lucky to have an uncle as loving and wonderful as you.

Americo said...

It's cause I buy them the good stuff. ;)

Irene said...

It's cuz your the cool uncle who is gonna teach them everything they want to know about video games, electronics, computers, movies, etc. You will spoil them with loooooove :) Thanks for being such a proud uncle!

Americo said...

Thanks for making me one.