Sunday, July 30, 2006

fortune favors the living

People are confused about a new email in their inboxes announcing, among other things, that Mars will be closer than ever in recorded history in August 2006. But, although it contains a grain of truth, this email is a hoax.

Mars is too close to the sun for safe viewing by amateur astronomers this month. Mars is visible with difficulty after sunset for the first two weeks of the month before becoming lost in the glare of the sun by month's end.

Back in 2003, Mars was the closest to Earth than it was going to be in our life times. I was fortunate enough to be aware of this knowledge, and had the joy of staring into the night sky and looking at this huge red dot.

It's strange when you think about the things that you have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to witness in your lifetime. I was alive to see the Berlin wall fall. I was alive to see the Space Shuttle disaster (both), I was alive to see us reach Mars (with an unmanned probe), I was alive to see a comet strike a planet, I was alive to see Tupac, B.I.G., Jam Master Jay, Eazy-E, die untimely deaths and utterly change rap music in their demise (it hasn't been the same since), I've been alive to witness two official wars (and several unofficial ones), and was alive to see one of the greatest natural and unnatural disasters in human history.

You'd think that with all the interesting shit that happens in this world, we'd find better things to write about than a Lady in The Water, or what You, Me, and Dupree are up to, or the dealings of a Little Man. These movies are mind-numbingly... Well, mind-numbing. But I guess they appeal to the cannon foddered masses.

Personally I'm excited about the end of this month. My girlfriend is gonna stay with me before she heads off to school. It's cool to show someone something for the first time that you have been used to all your life. You get to see it through their eyes. I love you Sara, I'm fortunate enough to have you in my life.

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