Monday, July 10, 2006

You Like Me, You Really Like Me...

Found out this weekend that people actually read my blog. Go figure. Now I almost feel obligated to actually put something on here meriting a good read.


I get a partially decent idea, and I opt instead to ramble on about how I just watched Superman.

By the way, I just watched Superman. Holy Fucking Christ, it rocked.

Loved the film with every last fiber of my fanboy heart. I got choked up a couple of times, because I once again believed, a man can fly.

Do yourselves a favor, and watch a great flick.

Speaking of flicks. I've been completely over my cold for the last couple of days (fucking a week sick, what the fuck is that about?), so I'm back at the grind. I'm awaiting a phone call, a letter, a text message, a pager message (the old school numeric kind), hell a smoke signal from the people who are dishing out the grants. They'll let me know either way, but Daddy gotta make a movie this end of Summer. And that's coming up soon. In the meantime, still gonna be working on the Sci-fi flick, and looking for that lucky agent who's gonna represent me.

For those who've read this, keep on reading (and post a response if you want). I'll start talking about nudity. And not my own.

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