Friday, October 26, 2007

Take two Christmas' and call me at New Year's.

I guess we slowly saw it coming. Every year, since I was a kid. People started to prepare for Christmas just another day earlier. I used to think before December was too soon.

Now, I've been hearing talks about it for the last two weeks. It's fucking October! I love Halloween. Where the fuck do people get off. Hell, I love Thanksgiving (not the celebration of a bunch of natives getting killed, but the food part).

What exactly is the hurry? December 25th doesn't come in faster. People love Christmas, I myself do, as well. Maybe it's a sign of the times? People want to feel better. I guess they want to feel better sooner. Kinda sad really.

Slow it down folks. Here's something to celebrate. It's the Full Moon tonight. The skies have been clear as hell here in San Francisco. Go out tonight, and look up at that beautiful rock in the sky. Enjoy it, it's getting further and further away every year. It won't be the same for your kids. You can tell them how 'back in your day' the moon looked very differently (kinda, won't change much, but still).

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