Monday, October 08, 2007

That which binds us all...

The human body produces electricity. This you know. But it's not one or any single organ that produces the electricity. The cells themselves produce electricity. Like the way electricity is produced in your house. However not in the same manner. What we know as electricity that runs through, well everything, flows through electrons. The electricity in our cells flow through Ions (Chemistry 101, ions are atoms or molecules that have an electric charge because they have either lost or gained electrons). The cells generate "potential energy" by separating electrical changes. That means the energy used to separate them will be released if they come back together. That released energy is called "voltage."

The difference between the outside charge and the inside charge of a cell (what's called the "resting potential") is about 50 millivolts. That's 50 x 1/1000 of a volt. Compare that to a little AAA flashlight battery, which has 1.5 volts. Not much, right? But, add up the electricity generated by all the trillions of cells in the body and what you get is enough to light a 40 watt light bulb.

Now, think Superman here. Just like Superman, are bodies are fed by the sun. Alter the amount of energy, or the frequency that we radiate in sync with...

What do you think happens? Cancer? Most likely, for that's all cancer really is, a continuous growth of white blood cells. But only because it's a shock to the cells, they don't have time to adapt.

And adaptation is what humans do best. We don't have claws, we can't fly, and we don't have sharp teeth. But, we do adapt. Our cells will do the same. But to what outcome? Imagine if our cells would adapt to contain more energy. The potential for human development is truly limitless.

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