Wednesday, December 05, 2007

There she grows!!!

I'd like to share something with the very few who read this.

This is an image that researchers used multibeam sonar to compile a topographic map of a portion of the East Pacific Rise where undersea volcanic eruptions were caught on camera. The black line shows the extent of the eruption. The new lava flow stretched more than 11 miles long and up to 2 miles wide. At the northern end of the eruption, lava poured from a fissure 2,000 feet away from the ridge crest, a process that has been thought to occur, but never observed.

What's it mean? Well, look at it. The red part is the lava that has come up to the surface and solidified through the spread. It's new land. Take notice on either side of the line. Looks like ridges no? That's where the lava has come up before and solidified every time the Earth spreads open.

But wait! Why isn't one part going up, and the other going down, as science has said to us for far too long now? Where's the evidence of bumping continents? Cause continents don't bump together!

Earth grows folks. What you see in that pic, is new skin. The world grows like you grow and I grow. This is proof.

Yet you won't hear any scientist tell you this. Why? Cause it would mean all science would have to change.

But take it in. They're telling you that they are now seeing it for the first time with their own eyes. And now, so can you.

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