Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Beyond Thunderdome.

Actually, that's not true, I'm going right to Thunderdome. Australia, that is. That's right, this California Warrior will, in less than 24 hours, be on his way to meet the Road Warrior (though I think he actually lives in California, now).

I'll be there for three months will my sweetie.

You can look forward to posts coming at you upside down and flowing counter clockwise.

And making as little sense as all the others I put up.

See you on the flip side.


Anonymous said...

Your #unfollowcharlie thread on the board has been screencapped and sent to all media that you've contacted. A link to the board has also been provided.

It seems that your "movement" was started really started out of attention seeking, as opposed to the cause you claimed was it's genesis.

I noted that one person who disagreed with drawing attention to your cause due to the devastation in Japan was verbally assaulted by several of your board members, and then banned, for expressing their opinion.

This will not make you or your cause look good.

Anonymous said...

Americo said...

I get it, you're a small person with a bruised ego. Don't worry, you have my sympathies.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Slacktivist.

All your twittering has really done has made you and the other boardies feel better about yourselves. It's done nothing to "raise awareness" towards domestic violence. Oh, and Charlie's followers have only increased. He's nearing 3 million right about now.

Why don't you focus your efforts on "raising awareness" about the fact that the Red Cross needs donations right now for the people who are DYING in Japan.

That might not bring you the same endorphin high that you've obtained by "taking on" Charlie Sheen, though. You brave, brave, warrior. *eyeroll*

Americo said...

Keep focusing on what you don't know what you're talking about and take a screencap to show the media.

By the by, the person banned for being an asshole has his 24hr band lifted an hour ago. So if you want to go back to the board, you can now.

Anonymous said...

Why not go after Chris Brown? He just stated this week that he's "done apologizing" for doing this to Rihanna:

Why not go after Mel Gibson? He just plead guilty to battery charges.

Simply put, the domestic violence angle was merely an excuse to go after Charlie Sheen. This was all about "feel good" slacktivism and not about initating real change. You can tell by all of the posts of you guys congratulating each other and patting yourselves on the back for all the hard work you've been doing by twittering. It's not truly slacktivism if you have to get out of your chair.

I am assuming that you don't believe verbal assault is damaging, only physical assault. That's why you allowed your boardies to verbally abuse another poster before you banned him.

So according to the anti-Charlie Sheen, anti-domestic violence slacktivists on the VA board, physical assault = bad. But verbal assault = perfectly okay.

It's good to see you have standards, shithead.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You may be right about slacktivism (I don't think you are), but at least we put our names on our opinions.

What does it say about you that you're so ashamed of what you have to say that you do it behind an Anonymous post?

Anonymous said...

Because I AM anonymous. I found about about your "cause" via twitter, and tracked it back to Kevin Smith's board.

Then I noticed how the people who started this cause behave towards people who disagreed with them. The verbal abuse, the bullying... it's ridiculous to consider yourselves to be fighting the good fight against domestic violence when you do things like that.

People outside your board can see how you people treat others, you know. Your own behaviour has destroyed your cause because nobody wants to support people who behave the way you do.

Perhaps this is why certain people at VV didn't "credit" the VA Board with starting the cause. It would be an embarrassment.

Stacktivists unite!!!

Americo said...

Hey Hoss. They didn't start it, they took it upon themselves to expand on it.

But keep bashing a just cause. It really makes you that much more loveable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hoss,

It's really NOT a just cause though. That's just my point. Your "cause" will not prevent ONE woman from being battered. Not one. That's a fact.

The only result your cause will have is to make those who initiated said cause to feel good about themselves. That's it.

Your cause was born of selfishness. End of story.

Got that, Hoss?

Anonymous said...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Speaking out for change can effect change. And if you don't believe in that I feel sorry for you.

Americo said...

Got it, you won the internet.

Now go feel better about yourself by being misguided in other avenues of your life, if you have them.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking out for change can effect change."

But it usually doesn't if it is not followed up with some sort of action. Like, 99% of the time.

How many rallies have you planned? Are you going to talk to your neighbors about this cause? Are you going to get out of your chair? Probably not.

Like I said, the behavior of the posters on the board has undone everything you've tried to do.

Anonymous said...


I volunteer my time and my money to supporting people that experience domestic violence, and volunteer my time and money to advance the place of women in this world.

My dedication to reducing the instances of domestic violence against women doesn't just involve retweeting words someone else wrote.

You may be a cynic that doesn't believe that words can change behaviour, but I'm not, which is why I do more than just twitter a cause.

You clearly don't understand it, but the idea of #Unfollowcharlie goes beyond just unfollowing Charlie Sheen, a known abuser of women. He is just a symbol of a massive problem that exists in the world. The fact that during the portrayal of Charlie Sheen over the past few weeks includes virtually no reference to his previous terrorisation of women is epidemic of the problem.

The recent NY Times article about the rape of an 11 years old, where they stopped just shy of blaming the victim is also part of the problem.

This issue won't stop being talked about when the media has moved on from Charlie Sheen and his antics, because at heart it's not about him, it's about a behaviour that society ignores or dismisses because it makes them uncomfortable.

Yes, today, right now, we should be talking about Japan and all that we can do to help them. But that doesn't stop us also talking about the epidemic of domestic violence which results in one in four women being abused in their lifetime. There is plenty of time to talk about both.

And action being taken outside of just talk.

Anonymous said...

Well there's no evidence that supports that you've actually taken any of the action you've claimed, so I guess I'll just have to take your word for it.

I'm not a cynic. I am just stating that if you want to be a leader, then you must be worthy of leadership. None of you are.

You can try to paint my posts any color you like, but the fact remains that your internet activism (or slacktivism) will change absolutely nothing.

Also, why make Charlie Sheen the poster boy for domestic violence? Why not Mel Gibson? Why not Chris Brown? Why not start #unfollow campaigns for both of these men?


Anonymous said...

I am in San Francisco, by the way. Stop trying to link me to other bogans and trolls.

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in an issue that would be worthy of "raising awareness" for right now, it would be the inherent racism in America:

Truly disgusting. Japan is in the spotlight, so if you were truly interested in "doing some good," now would be the perfect time to retweet THIS link.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rose said...
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Spork said...

anon, that is a good cause., why don't you get yourself organized, and get your friends together, and try to figure out a way to get that out there. it's important people learn about that. good luck and let us know how that goes.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to point out that your Charlie Sheen thread is still number one, and your Japan thread has fallen back to page 2.

That's just my point of view as someone who never heard of your board until 2 days ago.

Bear in mind that there are 3 reactor cores that are currently melting down in Japan:

Good luck to all of you.

Spork said...

you as well! people are capable of talking about two things. and sadly, a lot of people have chosen to react badly both to the japanese crisis and a stupid abusive man's mental breakdown. maybe together we can get people to even pretend to act better about both. keep us abreast of your efforts.

Anonymous said...

LOL. You people are fucking stupid. I had nothing to do with your dumb shirts. Loved Americo's homophobic comments though, as a paid moderator of Kevin Smith's board, I think I'll enjoy seeing the repercussions for his poor choice of words.

For those of you living in San Fran and LA... enjoy the radiation cloud from Japan that will be arriving tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The person is NOT wishing radiation on any of you. The person is merely trying to indicate that you could use your time more productively.

Americo said...

Oh and you're utilizing your time very well.