Thursday, September 06, 2007

Your Kung-Fu is Strong...

Who doesn't have a dark side to them? When you really dig down, when you go to the scary places of your soul, and touch the strings that tie you to the hells you've created. How dark does it resonate?

I bet you it's dark. I bet you think it's the darkest thing ever, darker than anyone else's. I bet you could kill. I bet you could maim, rape, destroy any and every thing that stands in your way. I bet you it's so scary that you get a shiver to think what you are actually capable of doing.

How about your light side? Not as sexy? How far could you go to love and be loved in return? I bet you it's not as bright as your dark side's dark.

It's a lot easier to think of the things we'd never do, than it is to do the good that we believe we're capable of.

What's that say about us?

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