Thursday, September 27, 2007

Behind Green Eyes...

Pete Townshend did his version. This is mine.

Behind Green Eyes
It was the light that fooled them all, and you,
A reflection at the right angle, it wasn't true.
Or it was at that moment, so it may seem,
But rarely is it there; the joy in that gleam.
An ocean lies behind these eyes,
One that I'm afraid will never run dry.
The beauty of the world passes through these emerald lenses,
The images can distort and overwhelm my senses.
I try and strain to see the love of this life,
But the pain and sorrow create so much strife.
I close my eyes but the memory stays,
Linger no longer, let the hells be away.
And then, when the world I do not want to brave,
When I can no longer take the barrage of each wave.
The floodgates burst open and wide,
And the tears flow free behind green eyes.
To my relief, they wash away the prism,
That has kept me only seeing through the bars of this prison.
And when empty and clear I can finally see,
The love that I have searched, right before me.
Skewed was my vision, I was blind,
How did I miss this world sublime?
And from my eyes, something other than tears flow through,
The beautiful thing that has led me to you.
And I thank you for letting me see clear,
For behind these eyes, there are no more tears.
The joy has been there, though I thought it as lies,
And now I see love true, reflected in your eyes.

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