Saturday, June 03, 2006

$1500 For 8 gigs???

You gotta be shitting me, for 8 freaking gigs? WTF is a gig nowadays, it's nothing. A gig couldn't hold the information contained in my jock. I give away gigs to homeless people on the streets, hey they need something to store the information in their websites to, right?

So why does Panasonic find it necessary to charge 1500 bucks for a 8 gig card?

That's the price of the P2 card that I will be utilizing for the camera that I'm buying this Summer. You see, recording in HD on aP2 card at 1080i translates to about a gig a minute. You heard me, a gig a minute. So at the most on one P2 card I can record up to 8 minutes at 1080i. It is significantly less if I record at 720p or lower, but who wants to do that? I'm hoping this price will lower, as the 4 gig card only costs $500. Either way, this does not factor into the drive that I will need to translate the info (about 2 grand), nor the storage unit, that seems like I will absolutely need to dump info into, and then onto a comp.

The next gen may be here, but it sure as hell costs a lot.

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