Friday, June 02, 2006

I am the stone that the builder refused...

I was recently asked how I feel about starting a new film, since the last one didn't propel me into the ether that is Hollywood.

I first respond to that question, "Does it make you feel superior to point out the shortcomings of others?" Then I do a swift karate chop to their carotic artery, and they go down faster than a Filipino hooker on a military base.

Then I gather myself, and respond thusly...

So? Who the fuck cares? Godplex had several audiences, and of those people who watched them in the theaters, not one of them hated the film. And that meant more to me than any job, paycheck, or Hollywood status could ever mean. I love movies, I love the fact that I can tell a story, and that I have the ability to envision that story and bring to fruition on the screen. And on the off chance that people would go see the story I made, and enjoy it. Well, there ain't no greater joy for me (other than sex, and possibly having children as people tend to say, whom I have to take their word for at the moment).

Every film festival that Godplex was submitted to pretty much responded the same, with a resounding, "We received a lot of entries this year... yada, yada, yada, you suck." Does this deter me? No. Do I learn from it? Yes.

And so, I sally forth. With a new project in hand. I'm excited, and I'm taking you all with me.

boondocks theme

i am the stone that the builder refused
i am the visual
the inspiration
that made lady sings the blues

i'm the spark that makes your idea bright
the same spark
that lights the dark
so that you can know your left from your right

i am the ballot in your box
the bullet in your gun
that inner glow
that lets you know
to call your brothers son

the story that just begun
the promise of what's to come
and imma remain a soldier
til' the war is won

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