Monday, June 12, 2006

Me Doing Work, Actually Gets Things Done.

Who would've thunk it. But shit, I've been writing my ass of as of late, and I've gotten so much shit done. Guess deadlines have a way of motivating you.

That and I think my Muse has been drunk and in Quantanamo Bay, Cuba as a detainee. They must have confused her for being a terrorist. Only thing she's responsible for is fucking my brains, and not in the good way (okay sometimes in a good way).

But she's back, and man, has she got a dirty mind. I have finally finished the sex scene in one of my scripts, this scene has pretty much held back the completion of the screenplay. But I don't think it could have come out any better, I'm really happy with how it ties in to the story, and how it's just not an excuse to show tits on screen. Really, it's not an excuse at all, it's tasteful.

Being back on track feels really good. Come June 23rd, I'll have one of the nearest and dearest scripts I have ever written completed. Check it out in theaters (hopefully next year).

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