Monday, May 22, 2006

A little poem I wrote...

I'm being lazy today, cause it's too damn hot, so I hope you enjoy this little thing I wrote.

Where is my love?

Americo Alvarenga

Where is my love? Blind, I cannot see,
The walls are dark and eyes are new to me.
First breath harsh, do hear me weep,
For you, I came, and thought I’d keep?

Right here my love. Where you left me,
In this plane I am, for you’re older than me.
Give me time, and I shall be yours,
For all my love, stay true your course.

Where is my love? Long years have passed,
A young face before mine, a beautiful lass.
Is this you who smiles at me with glee?
If so, why go, I came for thee?

Not there my love, though here I am.
The beauty before you, sees what I can.
The heart and soul that you have to share,
Ne'er you worry of her, I’m the one who cares.

Where is my love? I fear you are here.
Hurt I am, is my heart still sincere?
These walls I’ve built, of hurt and pain,
I feel are too strong and will not wane.

Come here my love. Your pain is undone,
You have found me at last, we are now one.
From here on out, we face the world as a pair,
And we shall show them all, that there are still two that care.

Where is my love? Have I lost you at last?
Cared for you more each day, is that all in the past?
I see thine eyes are loving, yet your smile fades,
Have you had your fill, and now you away?

Forgotten my love, of who I really am?
I have fought for your love, did you think it a sham?
Eons will pass, the skies will one day fall,
But my love for you, will outlast them all.

Where is my love? Blind, I cannot see,
The walls are crumbled of age as old as me.
Last breaths harsh, do hear me sadly weep,
For you, I came, I stayed, I had, and thought I’d keep?
Now thy mortal coil, you have shuffled aside,
And I alone and heartbroken, cannot this life abide.
For I had you a lifetime, and for that grateful I will be,
But off to find my love, for that is where I must be.

Right here my love. Where you left me,
In this plane where we began, here in this eternity.
We had our time, and I was always yours,
For all my love, you stayed true your course.
Now passed am I, and so you shall be too,
For to experience life, death, a friend in kind, is due.
But fret not dear heart, for now you know we are the very few of,
Those among those, who need never ask, Where is my true love.


Anonymous said...

you seem really hurt, if your poem is more than a mere boredom. it's beautiful.

Americo said...

Thank you. I didn't write this poem out of pain, I wrote it out of love. It's about the one person you end up with, and the journey it took for the both of you. By the way, sorry for getting back to this so late, I just realized I had my settings screwed up lol.