Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ah to be 8 again...

My little cousin had his 8 year old birthday party. We went to a miniature golf course. We had cardboard pizza, played overly priced games to earn cheap tickets to get crap. We played miniature golf, we hung out, and when he opened his presents, he got $200. WTF? Times change, I barely get $200 on street corners. And I go down.

I asked him what he's going to spend his money on. He said, "Toys!" What a boy.

The toys may change, but man, the sentiments still stay the same.

I plan on buying a new camera for the film I plan to shoot the end of this Summer. My nipples get hard every time I think about it. Of course, it costs $5,000. But it truly is an investment. Though, it's still really hard not to get excited about my new toy.

Ah, to be 29 for another year.

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