Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Stripper Experience

So I couldn't post all week what I've been doing, because my brother reads my blog, and it was pretty much all focused on him. My brother is getting married, and I've spent the last month organizing his bachelor party. And today was our culmination unbeknownst to him. His was thrown aback by what I was able to pull out of my ass, thanks to friends and family. During the day we had a barbecue, and at night, we got into a limo (my first limo experience mind you) and headed to two strip clubs. Now I've never been, but I was sure as hell acting like I was an old pro. The first place we went to was The Hustler Club. The one thing I found interesting was that no matter what cliche is depicted on film, it is well deserved. Every single character that I have ever seen on film in a strip club was there in full force. But mind you, that's not what we were there for.

The girls were beautiful. And nimble. But I've noticed one thing, you've seen one tit, you've more than likely seen the other, and them all. It truly did nothing for me, but my brother enjoyed the hell out of it, both places we went to. I ended up spending $300 in 4 hours. And would have been a lot more, but I got the hook up with some of the things.

Bits of advice for you from this experience.

Get drunk before you go, cause being sober makes for lower enjoyment of grindage.

Drinks cost an arm and a leg, if you're gonna order, order one and nurse it.

Strippers are not gonna fall in love with you, no matter what the look in their eyes say.

That thing that she does to your crotch, she's done that to like 50 guys tonight.

Now it's bed time, must sleep.

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