Thursday, May 04, 2006

Comic Books, the new Mythology

I picked up some comics today (yeah I read comic books, I also play video games, and watch cartoons, though it's usually on Adult Swim) and Infinite Crisis #7 was among them. Most of you won't know what that is, but it's a defining issue in the DC Universe. Not to give you the ends and outs of what happened in the book, but it has truly brought back Super Heroes.

Where have they gone you may ask? I thought those geek conventions were out in full force all the time?

Well it's true, the characters have always been there, but it's been ages since they've been Super.

See, comics tend to change with the times, as kids get older, the tight spandex tend to turn into black leather, for a cooler look. We get Wolverine looking more savage than before. We get Spider-Man in an incredibly gay looking costume (though for a limited time only), just to boost the sales of the books. But we've seen little of a team or an individual in a comic standing boldly again, looking out into the ether of the evil out there. Clenching his fist, or taking to the air, or running headlong into it and saying "Not today, not on my watch evil doers."

Comics are our Mythology. They are the Gods on Mount Olympus for our generation. We relate to them, for if they can take on so much, then we few, should be able to stand the ground as well. They are the benchmark for how we see the best in ourselves. Any kid could relate to Batman when it comes to loss. Any kid can feel as isolated as Superman, being the only Kryptonian left. Any kid can feel the freedom of putting a costume on and swing free like Spider-Man, just to get away from the real problems of his normal life.

Super Heroes remind us that the world is not the way it's supposed to be. True, Lex Luthor will always be rich, and he will always get away with the crime. True, The Joker commits the crime with a smile on his face, and not care about who he hurts on the way. So why fight?

Cause they can. More importantly, they want to, and they must. Just like we can, and we must. The greedy will always get to the top faster, and it may seem that you have to be an asshole in this world to make it. But if you can stand up, with honor and righteousness as your badges. That means something. People will notice. And though you may die poor, or the niche that you dig for yourself is small. Remember, those rich assholes die too, but people will remember you, and you are worth more than any of those pricks.

Super Heroes stand again in the DC Universe. It is a great time to be a comic book fan.

- Americo

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